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Online Social Engineering training to enable students to Execute Professional Social Engineering Operations

Let's face it: Social Engineering isn't just about email phishing. You need more than just YouTube walkthroughs of the Social Engineer's Toolkit (SET). 

This Social Engineering Expert course is designed as a comprehensive course to teach you how to create and carry out Social Engineering Operations with precision and accuracy, no matter what your background. From the Overview to Micro Expressions and Physical Pretexting to Surveillance, start or bolster your IT Security career here. 

This course has been developed by Jeremiah Talamantes, author of The Social Engineer's Playbook, adjunct professor at Norwich University and CEO of RedTeam Security.

What's included?

23 Videos
6 Quizzes
1 Survey
11 Texts
2 Disqus
Jeremiah Talamantes
Jeremiah Talamantes

About the instructor

Based upon the recently published book, Physical Red Team Operations: Physical Penetration Testing with the REDTEAMOPSEC™ Methodology -- for the first time in the industry, creator and founder, Jeremiah Talamantes teaches how to consistently, accurately, and efficiently execute Physical Red Team Operations leveraging the comprehensive REDTEAMOPSEC™ Methodology.

Jeremiah has been in the information technology industry for over 20 years and is the creator of The PlugBot Research Project – a foray into the concept of a hardware botnet. He has a master’s degree in Information Security & Assurance and an executive business education from the University of Notre Dame, Mendoza School of Business.

Jeremiah is the founder and former chairman of RedTeam Security, a St. Paul, Minnesota-based information security consulting firm specializing in physical red teaming, penetration testing, and social engineering. He is the founder and principal instructor for Red Team Security Training, an advanced training facility focusing on physical red teaming and other forms of offensive security training.

Jeremiah is the author of The Social Engineer’s Playbook: A Practical Guide to Pretextingand has appeared on the national TV news outlet, FOX News Live with Adam Housley. Additionally, he has been quoted and interviewed by CNN, Yahoo! Finance, Houston Chronicle, Rigzone, Business Insider, Tech Insider, CIO Magazine, PenTest Magazine, POWER Magazine, and many others.

Jeremiah has served as CISO and expert consultant to several Fortune 500 companies. He is a CISSP, CCISO, CEH, CHFI, and CCENT. He is the author of two patents and a former adjunct professor at Norwich University, College of Graduate Studies in Information Security & Assurance.

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