Physical Red Team Operations Training Bundle (All Modules!)

Physical Red Team Operations Master Bundle

Complete Physical Red Team Operations Bootcamp Training

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Based upon the recently published book, Physical Red Team Operations: Physical Penetration Testing with the REDTEAMOPSEC™ Methodology -- for the first time in the industry, creator and founder, Jeremiah Talamantes teaches how to consistently, accurately, and efficiently execute Physical Red Team Operations leveraging the comprehensive REDTEAMOPSEC™ Methodology.

The Physical Red Teaming Bootcamp Series is a group of four (4) pre-recorded training modules designed to teach students how to conduct Physical Red Team Operations comprehensively and repeatedly with precision and accuracy. The training modules are pre-recorded and allow students to learn at their own pace on their own schedule.


  • Introduction to the REDTEAMOPSEC Methodology
  • Development of the Rules of Engagement
  • "Boots on the ground" recon 
  • Covert facility infiltration
  • Exploitation of security controls (doors, locks)
  • Rally point and staging selection
  • Intelligence collection and review
  • Operational plan development
  • Red team movement in the field
  • Inter-team communication and prowords
  • Red team equipment listing
  • Templates, plans, and other downloads
  • Much more...

Jeremiah is the author of The Social Engineer’s Playbook: A Practical Guide to Pretexting and has appeared on the national TV news outlet, FOX News Live with Adam Housley. Additionally, he has been quoted and interviewed by CNN, Yahoo! Finance, Houston Chronicle, Rigzone, Business Insider, Tech Insider, CIO Magazine, PenTest Magazine, POWER Magazine, and many others.

Physical Red Team Operations Master Bundle includes these courses

Physical Red Teaming Bootcamp - Module 1
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Physical Red Teaming Bootcamp - Module 2
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Physical Red Teaming Bootcamp - Module 3
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Physical Red Teaming Bootcamp - Module 4
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